See ChangeNYC designs places and experiences that empower at-risk citizens to take charge of their lives.

Think probation, senior, recreation and food stamp center, library, school, homeless shelter — and the neighborhoods they touch. It’s at these types of city service centers that See Change finds opportunities to activate environments that activate people — from the clients to the staff to the community.

We see every wall, table, chair, door, nail, floor, poster, TV, person, form, flyer, program and street as a “participant” in elevating the routine social service visit into an unexpected — and meaningful — experience.

If that means ousting the mundane rows of tables and chairs and turning the waiting room into a ‘doing’ room, then we do it. If that means embedding a roaming Poet-in-Residence in a probation center to invigorate downtime and release stress, then we do it. If that means enlisting a community to wear tee shirts ‘advertising’ the words that every child should know by third grade, then we do it.

Because See ChangeNYC studies hundreds of service centers and partners with many city agencies and non-profits — we understand that each one has its own challenges. So each solution we design is custom-made. We take our shoestring budget and make strategic investments. Even a small change earns a big return.

Though we use design as a driver, our goal is always to act as problem solvers and help develop unconventional solutions that address intractable social problems and lead the most vulnerable citizens toward reclaiming their lives.

To create these new “experiences,” we enlist top talent — from architects and artists to manufacturers and unions who generously discount, and even donate their time and products — all of which leverages city funding.

Our mantra: Affordable. Meaningful. Replicable. Results.